I said yes too early

I’ve finally eaten macarons! They are not that good as I though they would be (but I’m not really into sweets, you know?). I loved the pink and the green ones :D

Today two friends came by for a project and after finishing it we took a few pictures, but most of them are too embarrassing to post

me and Patricia fooling around

and yes, I’m finally packing for Italy! OMG, I’m so fing excited, you know! This trip will be epic. Oh, and in the picture you can see an Accessorize paper bag: I bought new tights :D

I think this will be my last post written at home. Maybe, if I’ll have time and I’ll be in the mood, I’m gonna blog in Italy too, but… I can’t promise anything. Byeeeeeeeeeeee

Listen to the song of love

Day 4: A photo of you cellphone.

This is my cellphone: a Nokia C3 on grey. I love the qwerty keyboard: I’m really fast with it. The camera has only 2 mp, but it’s ok. I love the music player and the wi-fi connection. I’m addicted to it.