I’ll make sure that it lasts

The poll I posted a couple of days ago says you want to find out more things about me. I have no idea what kind of things do you want to know, that’s why I created a formspring. So I’m waiting for you to ask me here: FORMSPRING. Remember: you don’t have to sign, I don’t know who you are! And also don’t ask private things because I won’t answer.

Yesterday I watched for the 25th time The Dark Knight on tv (this time) so I can say I started my year with one of the things I love the most. Maybe you think I’m crazy, but I can tell you (like the Joker): „No, I’m not”. I’m just a passional person who have this obsession. It’s not the way Heath Ledger looks or his damn sexy voice, but his brilliant acting there as the Joker. He’s smart, profound, a good observer and fun. Obviously he deserved the Oscar. Of course, Christopher Nolan, as the director, has a huge contribution to the film (great director, just watch The Prestige or Inception!)

I’ve been thinking and I decided to do a top of my favorites stars (actors and singers) so stay tuned! And ask me stuff on formspring please!