British Harem

via we♥it

Today’s polyvore is a very interesting one in my opinion. The harem pants are great: broad above, narrow down; they can be worn by fat girls too because they thin the leg. I like the T-shirt’s print especially because it’s black and white. The oxford shoes are red because the outfit must have also a splash of color. The mid-heel make them very comfortable. I think the beige bag has nothing to do in this picture, though it’s very pretty. Separately. The pink thing it’s a blush (that I’d never wear, but there are some girls that always put it on). The eye make-up should have the same colors as the outfit. The bracelets and the necklace are very girly and they are tiny because the attention is already pointed to the shoes, pants and T-shirt’s print. IPhone: no comment :D

I’d wear this when I go out, shopping and even at a day party, something not very sophisticated or elegant.