You taste like whiskey when you kiss me

last week with my mate and friend, Florentina

same here

bought Pringles with Cheese&Onion flavor in Austria. Does anybody know if there is this kind of Pringles in Romania too?

my Latte Macchiato in Germany

Hello, wordpress! Here is what I promised Friday: a new post. This tiny photobomb I’m posting contains random pictures, as you can see. And like usual I’ll tell you how I’m doing. Let’s say fine, though I’m a little bit sick. This weekend was all about „Comenius” Project (I prepared my application file), homework, food shopping and cooking (you know, my diet…) Tomorrow I have to present a project with Florentina – in the pictures – for the optional biology class, print my file and do my Romanian homework. On Thursday I have another presentation and on Tuesday I start the German classes… again. It seems like my school year is going to be full, which is OK at the moment, because I manage to read and watch what books and series I like. I’m sure it’s going to be harder, but I’ll survive like I always did.

I’m off now to watch Friends season 3 because I’ve just finished all I had to do this weekend.

Honey, I’ve been called worse

Hello, hello, dear blog and reader. I’m apologizing for the bad update… again, but I’m very busy with an international project, school stuff and yesterday I was that sick that my grandma took me to the hospital with an ambulance. Don’t worry, now I’m fine, but I have to take some pills twice a day for five days and eat for two weeks just 5 dishes (soup, cheese, rice, boiled potatoes and chicken). That really sucks because I love eating tasty food, but it seems that my favorites are very unhealthy. I also hate fruits, so… you know: bad habits. Unfortunately, next week there’s a so-called festival in my city with concerts, stalls, fireworks etc and I won’t be able to eat anything then :( But I’ll survive.

I have to watch the new episodes of 90210 and TVD soon (like today? :D) because the one of Gossip Girl I watched Wednesday. And I’m about to finish reading another Gossip Girl book, which is very different from the show.

I’m off now: I have to recover my lessons and do a project for Monday. I promise I’ll post something interesting soon. Bye!