40 years since the Lizard King is gone

On July 1971, the 3rd Jim Morrison aka The Lizard King died in a hotel in Paris. I discovered him and The Doors one year ago and felt in love. My favorites are Light My Fire, Riders on the Storm, The End, Touch Me and Break on through.

Here are some beautiful pictures of him via we♥it. So so sexy!

P.S.: This post should be posted yesterday, but I went out and had no time to do it.


HeddaFeaver (love the hat)

Hanneli (love the sweater)

Hanneli (love the trench)

fashiontoast (love the wedges and the sweater)

Carolinesmode (love the combination)

Carolinesmode (love the makeup)

Carolinesmode (love the scarf)

Carolinesmode (love the glasses)

Hello, blog! I’m here in my warm new room listening to The Doors-Riders on the storm (in love with it! ♥) and waiting to go to the church to take holy light with my parents. I just finished a school project about photography and sending some e-mails to my teachers saying „Happy Easter” and I have to get dressed soon. I also read a lot this evening after dinner while listening to some opera on my YouTube playlist. Tomorrow I’m going to have lunch with my family at Granny’s and after that I hope I’ll post the gifts and lately purchases.

So, to all of you that read this: HAPPY EASTER WITH JOY AND  HEALTH!