There won’t be my tears tonight

bored in chemistry (thanks, Corina!)

grandma surprised me with this cake on the 25th

Yesterday I went to the cinema to see „The Three Musketeers” in 3D (was awesome – I’ll prepare a post for tomorrow about the movie). These were the commercials.

while going home I bought these cappuccino to go

my beloved boots

this is the scarf I received from my aunt (I love it – it seems like I’ll wear a lot this scarf and the black boots this autumn :) )

I also bought yesterday two magazines: Popcorn with Ian Somerhalder on the cover and November Cool Girl

My Love Is Pure

home desk

home-made sushi :D

 red roses

Hihihi! I have a lot to study, but I have all my homework for tomorrow done, fortunately. Today I had a geography test that wasn’t announced and I’m screwed :D I also got a 9 at TIC (technology of information and computers). Tomorrow will be hell for sure. I’m so stressed and scared, God. I don’t have other inspiration about what to tell you. Wish me luck and hear you later.