The Perks of Being a Wallflower (2012)

Cei care au cont pe Tumblr cu siguranta stiu despre ce film urmeaza sa va vorbesc. Inca inainte de a vedea toate gif-urile, am hotarat ca trebuie sa-l vad, pentru ca atat Logan Lerman (Cei trei muschetari), cat si Emma Watson (Harry Potter) sunt doi tineri actori care imi plac foarte mult. Alaturi de ei au mai jucat Nina Dobrev (The Vampire Diaries) si Paul Rudd (How do you know?, Knocked up si Friends). Filmul nu a rulat la cinema la mine in oras si presupun ca nu este foarte popular decat in randurile antisocialilor de pe Tumblr, din moment ce nici subtitrarea in engleza nu am gasit-o pe net.

M-am regasit usor (nu am sa va zic de ce, va las sa va uitati la film si sa va dati seama singuri) in personajul principal, Charlie, spre final chiar am plans (este greu sa n-o faci!) si sunt sigura ca este un film care nu mi-a irosit deloc timpul, spre deosebire de altele. Am downloadat si cartea cu acelasi titlu in format PDF si intentionez s-o citesc in curand :)

New Purchases

A few days ago, I received this envelope from Yves Rocher with an offer and this 50% discount at Takko’s new collection on Wednesday. Because I needed a new shampoo, I decided to visit a Yves Rocher store

I bought this shampoo and a raspberry bath cube and I won a mini agenda, a new offer for October and a free make-up session

I also bought this pencil skirt in Pull&Bear

as a Vampire Diaries total addict, I bought the latest books from the collection: Stefan’s diaries

and my mum gave me this coral top from Junker

SELF NOTE: Buy more colorful clothes!! Now I’m off to fill myself up with Mesut Özil pictures. Bye xx

Intimidated, but intrigued

grandma’s homemade icecream. is it just me, or grandmas want us to become really fat? :D

yesterday at school I wore for the first time my Pull&Bear gladiator sandals

  • This week I had my first semestrial test paper in Romanian and I’m full of hope :D three more to go. I also had an Informatics test, but my hopes are not very… high, if you know what I mean.
  • I finished Two and a half men season two. It’s funny, but not as funny as Friends.
  • This week’s episodes from Gossip Girl, 90210 and Vampire Diaries were mind-blowing. My heart is broken because next week they will end. However, I’m waiting for True Blood to start on June, 11th.
  • I restarted reading Gone with the wind and I love it.
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I’m ready to do whatever if you take me away

panorama from last week when I went to that event with my parents

im Deutsch kurs

lately I haven’t been stressed and this is one of the reasons

wine with cinnamon, yummm!

Hello, peeps and sorry for not posting yesterday as I use to. Here are some phone made pictures; a mini photobomb. Today I’ve been sick so I was sent home after two classes. For ten days I’ll be really busy with German, but I’ll try to keep up with the blog. I have already some posts to go in my mind. Now I’m just gonna relax and watch the latest episode from Gossip Girl. Oh, and speaking of tv series, did I mention that I restarted to watch season two from The Vampire Diaries? Yeah, no comment.

New in

jeans and hat – Bershka, curtain – BamBoo

earrings – Eurostar and scarf – Zara Kids

The Vampire Diaries books

Lately I’ve been doing a little shopping: I really needed new jeans, since I’ve given away three pairs. The hat and the scarf perfectly fit my winter coat and boots (which are brown). The curtain matches with the colors in my room and also stops the sun in the afternoon from blinding me haha. The earrings are different from all the pairs that I own: they seem a little vintage and elegant. And the last, but not least: the first four Vampire Diaries books. Though they’re way different from the show, I still love them. Actually it’s been a year since I’ve first read them.