Look what I found today!

I found Dr. Pepper today in Gima in Iulius Mall, but it’s 3 lei  a doze which means like 73 eurocents. I also bought a hamburger from McDonald’s and these Winterfresh mints. I was to the mall after my German classes because I had to buy a present for a friend. I’ve seen a lot of things that I want. I hope I’ll get them all soon :d In the morning I went to see my doctor and I bought some medicines. Now I’m waiting for the first episode from the second season of „Robin Hood” to load, but my internet connection is very low. I was waiting for the picture above to load five minutes so you can imagine in what situation I am. And the bad news for me is that this won’t stop until two weeks or more. Great! Tomorrow I have to pack all my clothes. I think I’m gonna give up watching the series tonight and tomorrow I’ll see a movie. My eyes are closing, good night! I’ll post tomorrow maybe.

FOR THE OPERA LOVERS: tomorrow at 6:30 P.M at Students’ House will be performed „Rigoletto” by Verdi, but I’m not going unfortunately because I’m sick and busy.

God bless Arrigo Boito

In the past days some fragments from Boito’s „Mefistofele” came to my mind. This man, though he was only Verdi’s librettist, was a genius. His opera is not a usual one: the music is unique and the topic is the pact with the devil, being inspired by Goethe’s play „Faust”. I remember when I was little like 5-6-7 years old, I was fascinated by this show (in Iasi there’s a great direction: the whole action is on a chess board) and when I watched this video I started to cry immediately.


Acum un an, cand am fost in Praga cu ai mei, tata a luat o harta a orasului vechi in mana si am plecat in cautarea… teatrului in care a avut loc premiera operei Don Giovanni de Mozart, dirijata in 1787 chiar de acesta. Imi amintesc cat de emotionat era cand se gandea numai ca va calca pe urmele geniului. Eu atunci nu-l intelegeam prea bine, pentru ca nu ascultasem niciodata nici macar vreun fragment din Don Giovanni, dar acum, dupa ce am vazut spectacolul duminica, a devenit al treilea preferat al meu :D si imi amintesc si eu cu placere de acea cladire micuta, dar in care a avut loc premiera unei capodopere.