Olympus Has Fallen

In saptamana de vacanta, am fost cu un prieten la cinema si am vazut acest thriller cu Gerard Butler (The Bounty Hunter, The Ugly Truth, RocknRolla, P.S.: I love you si Nim’s Island), a carui fana infocata sunt, simpaticul Morgan Freeman (The Dark Knight Rises, The Dark Knight, Wanted si Batman Begins) si Aaron Eckhart (The Dark Knight). Facand abstractie de faptul ca unele lucruri prezentate sunt cam SF si ca americanii sunt ridicati in slavi, ceea ce mie una nu-mi place deloc, filmul este unul bun al genului. M-a tinut in suspans, efectele speciale au fost reusite, iar totul e bine cand se termina cu bine :)


Oh my God, I’m freaking out here! Finally the trailer for The Dark Knight Rises is available! I just can’t believe I have to wait seven months to watch the movie, but be sure I’ll be the first one. Nobody on Earth is more addicted to this story as I am. Of course, the absence of Heath Ledger is very regretted, but Bale (The Prestige and Public Enemies), Hardy (Wuthering Heights and Inception), Levitt (500 days of summer, Inception and 10 things I hate about you), Oldman (Harry Potter), Caine (Jack the ripper), Hathaway (Love and other drugs, Alice in wonderland, Valentine’s day, The devil wears prada and Brokeback Mountain), Cotillard (Midnight in Paris, Inception, Nine and Public Enemies) and Freeman (Wanted)… Fuck yea!!!