Breaking Dawn Part 1 soon in cinemas

Imdb has released new pictures with our beloved vampires/werewolfs in The Twilight Saga. I couldn’t resist and I saved a few for the blog. People who know me also know I love Twilight, but please don’t ask me which team I prefer, because I can’t decide myself. When I read the books, I’m so in love with Edward: I like everything about him! Behavior, looks, even his name… but when I watch the movies, Taylor Lautner’s abs and handsomeness make me prefer him instead of Robert. If I were Bella, I’d choose Jacob.

The first part of the last movie arrives in cinemas on November, 18, but I’m so busy with school right now, that won’t be able to watch it this month, I think.

The Vampire Diaries Season Premiere

I’m so happy this series restarted that I wanna scream (please don’t laugh, but the thought that every Friday night I see a new episode helps me move easily over stress and worries that I have like any other common student)! Yesterday after 6 hours in school and 4 in German classes I returned home, I threw myself in bed and watched the season premiere, which was brilliant! Stefan’s really a horrible monster. He freaks me out! I read in magazines all summer long about RIPPER STEFAN, but I’ve never though he’s going to be this bad. Damon’s now nice, kind, protective, furious and like always sexy and beautiful. Jeremy sees ghosts, but I’m wondering: why doesn’t he see Jenna too? And what’s going to happen to Caroline? Matt knows about vampires and werewolfes and he’s finally ok with them. Klaus is so sadic, God dammit! His British accent and the fact that he calls all his victims ‘LOVE’ or ‘SWEETHEART’ make him creepy. I’m so sorry for Andie :( Damon really started to care about her. But Stefan.. argh!

The question without answer at the moment is: IS ELENA GOING TO ACCEPT AND CARE ABOUT DAMON LIKE SHE DID ABOUT STEFAN? We don’t know, but I’ve gotta feeling Damon’s going to be the chosen one (don’t ask why, it’s obvious).

(no, they were not holding hands)

I’m off to bed: today was a very busy day for me. Later ♥