What can I say about 2010? It was a good year (but not the best): ended the gymnasium and went to the banquet, started high school and made new friends, visited Paris and again Germany, started blogging and felt in love with Jim Morrison, listened to Don Giovanni for the first time and also felt in love with it (and him, haha). The pictures speak:

New Year’s party

Denisa’s place

some parties I’ve been

Iulia’s party with Simina

with Stefan, Corina, Patricia and Olivia (and George’s foot) at Vlad’s party

with Ana, Laura, Antonia, Simina, Stefan and Cosmina at Simina’s party

with Robert at Daniel’s party

Sabina’s party

my party

with Flavia at Rux and Teddy’s party


have been to two concerts in Dublin Pub

with Ralu

went on a trip with my ex classmates

spent time with Corina

last moments spent with my ex classmates

with Antonia, Bogdan and my English teachers dancing at prom

last picture with my ex classmates


at pool

Halloween at Raluca’s place

another prom with Vlad, Miriam, Diana and Eveline

Christmas time

with Flavia and Raluca at school

classmates and English teacher

Gifts part 2

Yesterday I went to the mall with Magda and bought this Bershka cardigan and this Stradivarius belt. I’ve never bought a belt before, sincerely. I don’t use such things :d but I need one for shirts.

Today I went in Cafepedia in Moldova Mall with a friend and I can say that it’s very very nice, but the prices are huge. And they don’t have alcoholic cocktails.

Last day of Christmas

Hi, guys! Like you can see, I’ve changed the look of the blog. I think this one is better than the old one. Hope you like it.

Today I watched „The Proposal” with Sandra Bullock and handsome Ryan Reynolds, then Oprah with Tom Cruise and Cameron Diaz. After lunch, I installed Y! Messenger 11 and searched the internet for some stuff for the blog.

Today’s the last day of Christmas and I feel sad because everything passed so quick! I already wait for next year’s Christmas, haha. I think this is all for today. Now I’m going to eat diner, take a bath and watch Gossip Girl. Here’s a video for you:

Gifts part 1

these are the presents I’ve got for Christmas from family and friends + money and sweets :d




Yves Rocher shampoo, mug and a movie

Zara TRF black blouse, sport dress and Orsay black jeans

I also ordered a white kohl and a black eyeliner. These are my presents for myself, haha.

These days I’ll spend the money going shopping so there’ll be a „Gifts part 2” post soon.